Experienced in hands on technical design and development of complex systems, Gumption Engineering has the knowledge and know how to provide what you need.  Past designs have included :
  • Aircraft component designs,  
  • Unmanned aircraft,
  • Wireless control systems,  
  • Power supplies,
  • Solar arrays ,
  • Antenna systems,
  • Electronic packaging,
  • Heavy equipment design,
  • Hydraulic systems,
  • Conveyor systems,
  • Handicap equipment,
  • Plasma etch systems,  
  • Sensors systems,  
  • Heating systems,
  • Cooling systems,  
  • Tooling,
  • Handling equipment,
  • Robotic equipment,
  • Gas distribution systems,
  • Laser hardware, ,
  • Automotive designs,   

Working close with the customer Gumption Engineering creates concepts using different approaches, we evaluate the feasibility of each method and take the down selected designs to the next step. The simplest and most cost effective Concept  is many times the best approach. Designing for cost and manufacture-ability is high on the list of priorities. Schedule or lead times may also drive the design method or influence which concept is used in  the preliminary design concepts.

Gumption Engineering completes static , and dynamic analysis, modal analysis for prediction of random vibration stress and loads. When necessary  we perform thermal analysis.